Central Texas Gardener

Central Texas Gardener is one of KLRU-TV's long-running local productions. The show's website contains an archive of past episodes, gardening and plant resources, and a popular gardening blog maintained by show producer, Linda Lehmusvirta. Prior to the redesign, the website was showing its age. The site and blog ran on separate, outdated WordPress installs and the templates were designed to old standards making video clips and photos appear much too small when viewed on modern-day browsers.

The redesign process began with a content review to ensure that the information on the site was still appropriate and helpful. Working with the Interactive Director, the taxonomy was streamlined across the site into standardized categories and tags. During that process the blog and the site were merged into a single WordPress install and the various content types were integrated into the updated taxonomy. The new responsive site templates reinforce the relationships among topics and highlight the site's photography and videos while providing the best experience possible for any browser or device — especially important since 50% of the site's visitors use mobile devices or tablets.

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