UT School of Architecture (UTSOA)

The web site of the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture (UTSOA) serves the current students, faculty, and staff by providing information on the School's eight program areas in addition to current news, calendar items, course listings, and related University information. The site provides program information and contacts for prospective students. Sections of the site are also used by alumni for school news, events, and career guidance.

I was hired in January 2005 to overhaul and redesign the School's entire site. After interviewing representative members from each segment of the site's audience, I developed the site structure and navigation scheme that would highlight the many parts of the School to the user in a quick glance.

In December 2007 I launched a small redesign that refreshed the colors of the original design and incorporated three satellite sites back into the main website. I also developed and deployed a simple content management system that gave staff and faculty the ability to edit pages, update their bios, and upload images. The system was developed in CakePHP and used TinyMCE for the user interface.

During my employment at UTSOA, I also designed and developed on online events calendar, managed the development of an online room and resource reservation system, and worked with a developer to create a portfolio system that could be used to highlight individual student work and provide a colleciton of images for a course-based online gallery.

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